Utbildare. Rådgivare. Coach.

Educator. Adviser. Coach.

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About Warren

I grew up in the U.S. and moved to Sweden in 2009, one year after I started my own gender transition. During my biology studies at Uppsala University (MSc and PhD), I developed a passion for teaching. I particularly loved the teaching I did alongside biology: educating students and professionals about gender identity and gender expression.

I’ve held lectures and workshops on trans topics for several university departments and courses, schools, student associations, professional associations, non-profit organizations and diversity conferences. In 2018, I wrote the Uppsala University teacher-training handbook “An Introduction to Gender Identity and Gender Expression for University Biology Teachers.” I have also taught on broader diversity-related subjects such as minority representation in media, building inclusive learning environments, unconscious bias, grass-roots community building and team dynamics.

As trans questions gain more visibility, it’s been my experience that many people would like to develop their understanding of transgender identities and interact with transgender people with respect and kindness. My goal as a compassionate teacher is to meet every individual where they’re at in their learning journey with pedagogical methods that are free of judgement and tailored to the clients’ needs.

Through my involvement with RFSL Uppsala and as founder of the WelcomeOUT Pride Festival, I experienced the infinite rewards of supporting other LGBTQIA persons in their quests to live full, authentic lives. Gender transition can be overwhelming and scary for many transgender individuals. My goal as a gender transition coach is to provide support during the difficult emotional and social steps of your journey to full expression of your gender identity.

In 2017, I received the Jörn Svensson prize in recognition of my contributions to advancing transgender rights and inclusive community-building.